Infants and Toddlers, Ages 0 – 3 years old

Early Intervention (“Intervención Temprana”): if you think your child is not developing the way he or she should be
NYC’s Early Intervention Program identifies developmental delays in children from birth to the age of three. After a child is evaluated and found eligible for the Program, a team of professionals works with the family to create a service plan that meets their needs. All programs are created to meet the individual needs of each child. To help children achieve their developmental potential and meet developmental milestones, professionals often work with families in their homes. Using daily activities, they teach parents how to make daily routines and activities learning opportunities. The goal of the program is to empower families to have the skills and knowledge to help their child develop their potential. The program free and available to all New York families regardless of race, ethnicity, income or immigration status.

To request Early Intervention services, or an evaluation of your child, call 311. Additional information can be found at:
NYC.GOV Parent Brochure PDF
NYC.GOV Parent Brochure PDF

If a child has been evaluated for EI but is not found eligible, the family may enroll in the Early Intervention Developmental Monitoring Program at no cost. For more information on Developmental Monitoring click here (NYC.GOV Monotoring)