Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grades
11, 12, and 13 year olds

Key advice: Between 6th grade and 7th grade, parents and students should start preparing for high school admissions. It can take a year or more to research programs and identify the best ones for your child. Then you need to find out about their specific admissions methods and requirements. Starting early is the best way to be ready when applications are due in 8th grade.

Important Dates
Late Spring: 7th graders receive copies of the High School Directory
Summer: Attend summer high school workshops, prepare for specialized high school (SHSAT) test if applying (8th / 9th graders)*
Early Fall: First day of school: September 9, 2015
Request SHSAT test or audition for specialized high schools if applying (8th /9th graders)*; contact charter high schools for applications and admissions information if applying
Ongoing Fall: Attend high school fairs, open houses, tours, events (be sure to sign in when required for admissions) at general, specialized and charter high school programs
Mid Fall: General high school applications distributed (8th /9th graders)*; SHSAT test administered
December: High school Applications due (8th / 9th graders)*

Charter school enrollment period: Various deadlines
Early 2016: Screened school interviews, auditions, portfolios and other assessments due (8th / 9th graders)*
March: General process Round 1 notification letters sent out (8th / 9th graders)*; participate in General process Round 2 fairs and admissions
May General process Round 2 results and Appeals Round starts

School starts: September 2016 (exact date still undecided)

*First time 9th graders (including those who went through the high school admissions process in 8th grade but who would like to apply to a different school for 10th grade) are also eligible to participate in the NYC high schools admissions process. They may only apply to programs that offer 10th grade seats. This information is indicated in the High School Directory.

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